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Laurence’s Solar System

16th February 2024

Ashford Wanting to do his bit for the environment as well as bringing his electricity costs down, Laurence decided to invest in solar! Despite being away whilst the installation was being completed, he was more than comfortable allowing the team to get to work, who sent him frequent updates with photos and videos of the […]

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British Wildlife Centre’s Solar System

8th February 2024

Lingfield Founded in 1997 by former dairy farmer, David Mills, The British Wildlife Centre’s philosophy can be summed up as ‘Conservation through Education’. The centre is open weekends, reserving the weekdays for school trips and other exclusive events such as photography days. With its strong conservation beliefs, it is no wonder the centre wanted to […]

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Arti and Megan’s Solar System

6th February 2024

Hackney With a fascination for solar and having considered it in the past, Arti and Megan decided that now was a better time than ever to invest in a greener future. After noticing an increase in their electricity bills, solar seemed like a great option for the couple. Panels: Jinko 430W x 12 Inverter: Sunsynk […]

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How do Air-source Heat Pumps work?

15th January 2024

Air source heat pumps are devices that use the outside air as a heat source to provide heating and, in some cases, cooling for buildings. Here’s a basic explanation of how air source heat pumps work: Absorption of Heat from the Air: Air source heat pumps begin by drawing in air from the surrounding environment, […]

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Power your home when the sun goes down

21st December 2023

While harnessing the sun’s energy during the day is relatively straightforward, many wonder how to power their homes when the sun goes down. Fortunately, advancements in solar technology and energy storage solutions have made it possible to extend the benefits of solar power into the nighttime hours. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you […]

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How to Clean the Solar Panels?

10th October 2023

So you’re cleaning your solar panels. It’s a good decision because it’s vital to regularly clean the solar panels to ensure that they work efficiently. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to clean them effectively and discuss the benefits of cleaning solar panels. Before we begin, let’s discuss why […]

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How Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value in the UK?

26th September 2023

Are you a homeowner contemplating the possibility of selling your house or renting it out at higher than market prices? Then the best way is to install solar panels in the house. This is a very simple method to increase your home value.   Solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in […]

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10 Solar Panel Accessories You Should Know Before Installation

25th September 2023

Solar energy has emerged as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional energy sources. Installing solar panels is a significant step towards harnessing this renewable energy. However, the process involves more than just mounting panels on your roof. To make your solar power system more efficient and last longer, you need to be aware of […]

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Solar Power for Factories: Is it Advantageous?

18th September 2023

As a factory owner, are you considering the utilization of solar power for your factory? If so, I can provide you with compelling reasons to support this wise decision. Switching to solar power is beneficial for any factory, as factories are highly dependent on electricity. In this blog, we, as the professional solar panel installer […]

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Protect Your Installed Solar Panels with These 10 Easy Ways

13th September 2023

Are you a solar panel owner, who is concerned about his investment and wants to have peace of mind by protecting your installed solar panels? I understand your concern about protecting your investment. After installing solar panels, many people become careless and neglect to take precautions against potential problems that could result in extra expenses. […]

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