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Air-Source Heat Pumps

Government Grant – £7500


 The Boiler Upgrade Scheme – the most generous in Europe, now £7,500 per household. The scheme has been designed to minimise the amount of work you need to do. We are given three months from application approval to complete the installation. Estimates place the typical cost of buying and installing a gas boiler at between £2,500 and £3,000 and starting prices for heat pumps can now be below this for some households, when taking advantage of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.


We will; make the B.U.S. application on your behalf, Inform Ofgem when your heating system has been installed and Process your Grant – this will have already been deducted from your quote.

There is only one way to accurately access the heat pump required for your home, a detailed home

Meticulous measurements are required for room sizes and volumes, window and doors, existing radiators, underfloor heating etc. as well as insulation in floors, walls and lofts, only when this data has been analysed can an accurate heat loss assessment be completed.

This coupled with your input as to how you would like the system to operate in order to meet your needs will provide us with the necessary information we need to best advise on the best option for you. The survey is not messy in any way but the surveyor will need to access all areas of your home and will typically take one and a half to two hours to complete then a few days to compile.

Return on investment and efficiency?


It’s an interesting question, no-one ever asks what the return on investment would be when installing a gas boiler.

We know gas is being phased out, why would anyone seriously consider a dirty, obsolete, inefficient solution if a clean, green, future-proof technology is a viable alternative? Chances are the gas boiler will need to be replaced before it reaches the end of its life anyway, it truly is a false economy.

Even a super efficient condensing gas boiler running at 92% will waste 8% of the gas it burns, a heat pump on the other hand doesn’t create heat, it uses electricity to extract existing heat from the air, this is done by circulating air around an externally mounted heat exchanger containing a gas which absorbs the heat, this heat is then brought inside and circulated through your existing central heating system, it works even in cold weather as the gas has a very low boiling point so is still effective even when the exterior temperature is -15 degrees.

The efficiency of this process is largely down to the technology employed but can be boosted by the system design. It is not unusual for the system to return four to five Kilowatts of heat form every kW of energy used, that’s 400% to 500% efficient rather than 92% from gas.

Couple this with a solar installation and you will add significantly to the value of your property, make substantial savings on your running costs while reducing your carbon footprint.


Existing Central Heating Upgrades


Chances are your existing central heating system works by heating a body of water through burning gas or oil then pumps that water around your radiators, underfloor heating etc.

In most cases we simply replace the boiler however sometimes a radiator or two may need to be replaced, occasionally some pipework will need to be upgraded however this is rare and will be discussed in detail on survey.

As renowned experts in this field we are confident that we can supply the right heat pump for the job and maintain cost savings whilst achieving delivery of simply the highest order. We are happy to chat through your needs in order to deliver the right product. Give us a call on 01233 770337 or email us at info@arc-one.co.uk.