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Service Packages

We are dedicated to ensuring your solar investment continues to shine brightly


Give us a call on 01233 770337 or email us at info@arc-one.co.uk


Solar panels are a sustainable and efficient way to harness the power of the sun, but like any technology, they benefit from proper care and maintenance.

Our expert team at Arc One is here to provide top-notch solar panel maintenance services, ensuring your system operates at peak performance.

Why is Solar panel maintenance so important?

Optimum Performance

Clean panels can capture more sunlight, leading to increased energy production and improved overall system performance.


Maximised Energy Production

Help to maximise the efficiency of the solar cells, allowing them to convert sunlight into electricity more effectively.


Extended Lifespan

Regular inspections can identify issues early, preventing potential problems that could lead to component failures or system malfunction.



Addressing issues such as loose connections, damaged components, or potential electrical hazards can prevent accidents.


Environmental Impact

Ensure that solar panels operate at their best, maximizing the environmental benefits of renewable energy production.


Our extensive Solar Maintenance Packages provide complete peace of mind by ensuring our team is consistently prepared to address any issues with your solar system, delivering comprehensive security and care.

To discuss service packages, call us on  01233 770337 or email us at info@arc-one.co.uk

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Visual Inspection both DC & AC components examined.

During this process, we will carry out a visual check on the solar system, including both it’s AC and DC components that form the system. If required, we may use the help of a drone coupled with a 4k camera to assist us with our visual inspection. We will be searching for physical damage on the panels themselves, such as cracks, discoloration and assessing the integrity of the mounting equipment. This will include looking for any damage, signs of wear, loose bolts/clamps etc. We will check for any environmental factors on the system, looking for any issues such as overgrown trees causing shade on the system and anything else that could affect the system’s production. Attention is also given to the electrical side of the system, ensuring that the inverter and batteries (if applicable) are correctly mounted. No warning lights or visible faults on the system. Components all in visibly good condition and no signs of excessive wear.

DC Electrical Testing DC components & equipment tested and inspected.

By carrying out DC testing we will be checking for any irregularities in voltage. We also carry out an insulation resistance test to ensure there are no current leakages. This will help to ensure the integrity of the wiring, connectors and terminations. These tests are essential for detecting potential electrical issues, optimising the efficiency of power conversion, and ensuring the overall safety and reliability of the system. DC electrical testing is a crucial part of preventive maintenance, helping to identify and address problems before they escalate.

AC Electrical Testing Complete electrical testing of the isolators and protective devices (AC electrical installation test and inspection).

We will be carrying out electrical testing of the AC system. Including the wiring, circuit breakers, cabling, isolation switches and other components. All to be examined for any signs of wear, damage, or loose connections. Functional testing is carried out to ensure the isolation switches and protective equipment is operating correctly. Equipment Testing and Inspection Complete electrical testing of the inverters, batteries and any other hardware. This testing ensures that the inverter and batteries (if applicable) are functioning correctly and efficiently. Checks will also be carried out on any other items which form the system such as My energi zappi, My energi Eddi or solar iboost. Testing equipment will be used to measure and analyse the AC voltage and current output from the inverter. The inverter and batteries are a critical component of the solar system. We will thoroughly inspect the inverter by using test instruments and identify any deviations in results from expected values.


Aimed at optimising the performance and longevity of your solar system. Our engineers will advise on your cleaning regime based on your individual situation e.g build up of dirt and debris, ensuring maximum sunlight absorption. They may also recommend trimming nearby vegetation to prevent shading and maintain optimal energy production.

Service report Detailing system status and any possible remedial works

A detailed overview of the inspection and maintenance performed on your photovoltaic system. Includes findings from visual inspections, outlining any observed issues with the solar panels, frames, mounting structures, and electrical components Results from DC and AC electrical testing, detailing voltage, current, and frequency measurements. The report
often highlights the condition of critical equipment such as inverters and may include recommendations for any necessary repairs or replacements.

Free service call outs

Pay as you go package charges £100 for the first hour, then £30 per half hour after.

Handling all warranty claims parts and labour

Technicians carefully assess the condition of the equipment, ensuring compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty terms. The service provider then coordinates with the relevant suppliers or manufacturers to procure replacement parts and organises the labour required for installation

Ongoing performance monitoring


"Very efficient from a customer perspective"

The two guys who came to replace faulty optimisers were polite, professional, able to deal with questions efficiently and got the job done quickly. I had been given an arrival time by someone in administration and was subsequently contacted about a revision to this. The guys actually arrived slightly earlier. All very efficient from a customer perspective.

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We did a lot of research with a lot of different companies before we chose you guys. We know that you're a small family run company. We know that you have good reviews on TrustPilot and you have a good reputation.

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Always answer the phone really quickly and are very professional in every sense of the word. Tegan and Sian are a delightful to speak with and the engineers are friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend using Arc One and will always sue their services.

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5* service from ARC ONE! - they are prompt, professional and reliable. Tegan has been fantastic in organising and managing the works I have instructed them to carry out, always keeping me up to date along the way. :-)

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Reliable, affordable and professional company. We have been using their services for some time for our properties. We are very happy customers. I would highly recommend!

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Excellent service...timely, polite, efficient and very helpful pair of guys. I would definitely recommend them to friends & family.