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Solar Power

The sun never increases its tariffs.

Solar Energy is a method of harnessing the power of light, to literally, light up and heat your home or business. This is our core expertise, but we believe, we know, that how our world is powered HAS to evolve, and Solar Energy is just the start. The technology is already available, and Arc One are Kent’s foremost experts in this field. Solar Energy, installed and supervised by Arc One, will save you money and give you freedom to create and employ electrical power to your own requirements.

The Sun Never Increases Its Tarrifs

Immediate Benefits

  • Dramatically slash Energy Bills: Our solar installations guarantee you will become virtually independent from conventional energy sources.
  • Increase the Value of Your Property: Both domestic and commercial properties become more desirable if powered by solar. To a potential buyer, it’s cleaner and much, much cheaper.
  • Gain instant independence from unstable energy markets: Conventional Energy Resources such as fossil fuels are limited, and prone to economic and political upheavals. The Sun is not.
  • Become immune to Blackouts caused by human or natural disasters: Every premises that operates on ARC1 Solar Systems becomes a self-contained power plant.

Long term Benefits

  • Earn money back from Major Energy Suppliers: ARC1 installs systems that will almost certainly produce more clean energy than you can use. The National Grid and its partners will buy that from you.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: Solar is the ultimate clean green energy. It produces NO greenhouse gasses and requires nothing but light to create abundant electricity. Every year you use Solar, represents the equivalent of a small forest in CO2 emissions.
  • Gain control of your energy bills for decades to come: You can rest secure in the knowledge that ARC1 guarantees installation for 10 years, and ALL components for 25 years.
  • Compatibility to your Lifestyle: Solar energy systems contain no moving parts and create no noise. The ultimate silent partner in your independent eco-system.