With a fascination for solar and having considered it in the past, Arti and Megan decided that now was a better time than ever to invest in a greener future. After noticing an increase in their electricity bills, solar seemed like a great option for the couple.

Panels: Jinko 430W x 12

Inverter: Sunsynk Hybrid Parity (Super)

Battery: 5.12Kw Sunsynk batteries

Roof Type: Metal Standing Seam

Installation Date: 15th December 2023

What initially attracted you to the idea of getting solar panels? 

“Heating costs have sky-rocketed in the past 6 months and getting solar panels is the obvious way to offset the costs. I’ve looked into getting solar power before and had it priced. I think cost was always a factor in not getting it installed right away. There were always other things I was prioritising. But I think because heating has really risen in cost, it started to actually make sense from a cost perspective.”

Why did you decide to go with Arc One?

“We did a lot of research with a lot of different companies before we chose you guys. I think part of the reason we chose you was because we know you’re a small, family-running company. We know that you have good reviews on trust pilot (check them out here) and you have a good reputation. You’ve worked with some big companies, some large organisations around England, so it just made sense.”

How have you found the process from initial enquiry to the installation?

“We really appreciated Liam being so kind in answering the detailed questions that we had upfront and we had a lot of in-depth discussions. We decided to go with Arc One because you answered the questions really well, you stayed with us. We really had a lot of trust that you would do the job right.”

What advice would you give to others considering getting solar power?

“I think that it is a really good investment. There are a lot of reasons to do it, not just cost, but also just offsetting other forms and sources of power that may not be so sustainable. I think now we have companies like Arc One, that have a lot of expertise in this area and that can really help tailor solutions for you and your home.”

With energy bills continuing to rise, now is a better time than ever to invest in solar. To hear more from Arti and Megan, CLICK HERE to watch their installation.