Wanting to do his bit for the environment as well as bringing his electricity costs down, Laurence decided to invest in solar! Despite being away whilst the installation was being completed, he was more than comfortable allowing the team to get to work, who sent him frequent updates with photos and videos of the installation giving him complete peace of mind.

Panels: Jinko 435W x 12

Inverter: Growatt BL UP Hybrid

Battery: Growatt 6.5kWh

Roof Type: Pitched Tiled

Installation Date: 28th December 2023

What initially made you consider getting solar panels?

Two things for me, first was trying to be more environmentally friendly and do my bit for the environment and then of course the cost savings that it can bring. Just lowing our costs and making us more environmentally friendly.

How did you go about finding the right company and why did you choose Arc One?

I did a lot of research of lots of local installers and what impressed me about Arc One was the level of knowledge they clearly had. Just talking through some of the upgrades and the options there really made a lot of sense for us. I would absolutely recommend Arc One.

Were there any concerns that you had with the project and were they all handled well by the team?

No major concerns, I think because the process leading up to that had been very thorough, all of my questions had been answered. So, on the day I had comfort and I wasn’t even here when you installed it and I was still comfortable with it

The panels were installed while you were away – How was the communication between yourself and the team during the installation?

Communication was really good, I even had video drone footage of my solar panels going on the roof so all good.

Did the engineers leave everything clean and tidy after the installation?

Very clean and tidy. Everything seems great and I’m looking forward to the summer when I can really take advantage of it.

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