Founded in 1997 by former dairy farmer, David Mills, The British Wildlife Centre’s philosophy can be summed up as ‘Conservation through Education’. The centre is open weekends, reserving the weekdays for school trips and other exclusive events such as photography days. With its strong conservation beliefs, it is no wonder the centre wanted to look at ways they can do their part at reducing their carbon footprint.

Panels: Trina 435W x 60

Inverter: Growatt 20K TL3 3PH

Roof: Metal Corrugated

Date: 9-12th January 2024

What initially attracted you to the idea of getting solar panels?

“Well it’s very important because with climate change and with the cost of electricity going up all the time, the energy costs, you’ve got to be seen to be doing something to reduce your carbon footprint – so solar panels are the way forward!”

How does the solar panel installation align with the centre’s commitment to environmental sustainability?

“The important thing is to be seen by the general public because we get about 50,000 visitors a year, that we are actually doing something to reduce our carbon footprint. The solar panels – people will see them and they will hear about them and we shall certainly publicise the fact that we are doing our bit.”

How seamlessly has the solar panel installation integrated into the day-to-day business operations?

“The people that put the panels on the roof – they were superb. They’ve done it in about four days. No disruption to anything we’re doing here. Thoroughly recommend”.

Why did you decide to go with Arc One?

“We chose your company simply because we approached several companies and your representative came out and saw us. We very much liked the way they approached the problem and the advice they were giving us and we decided to go with you”.

A little more about the British Wildlife Centre

“Today, everybody’s talking about climate change, species decline and with the programmes that you see today, like ‘Spring Watch’, ‘Country File’, all those wildlife programmes people then ask the question ‘ Where can we go to see British Wildlife?’ Your answer? Come here because we are unique. We are the only place that does solely British Wildlife”.

To hear more from David, the centre’s founder, check out our YouTube video, showing the installation as well as some of the wildlife that live there. CLICK HERE.